Nneesse (Algonquin word for “two,” as she is our second dog) was born to be a mama! She has a very nurturing, caring personality. Very sweet and easy going. Though she is very strong, so don’t let her fool you! She has a mask around her face, with Merle coloring all over her coat. She has unique spotting around her ears and on top of her head! She is simply stunning all around!


F1 Female—Red & Tan Agouti with a soft, plush coat. She has one blue eye and one amber eye. She is 28lbs. Kia is very sweet and loving. Kia came to our program in January 2023, as she was rescued. Amazing temperament and strong willed! She’ll be an amazing Mama!


Tuttis is our red-sable, sassy female! She has blue eyes, one being a parti-eye. She is the smallest of our three females. F1. We expect her babies to be as beautiful as her!