About Us

A little bit about Ocean State Pomskies:

We are currently a family of 3 (Julie, Hombre and Quantum). Our Pomskies bring so much joy to our own friends and family every day. Everywhere we go with our dogs, people ask questions or compliment them. These are the most common statements: “What kind of dog is that?” or “This is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen!” or “Wow, what an amazing temperament for a dog!” It is the best feeling in the world to have strangers love your pets as much as you do. We pride ourselves in producing puppies that can bring that much joy into other families lives.

What makes our breeding program special?

We strive to breed our Pomskies for quality. We offer an extended 2-year health and genetic guarantee. Our philosophy of quality for our dogs and puppies focuses on preventative veterinary care, as well as a loving, family-oriented, socialization program.