About Us

Hi, I’m┬áJulie Harris


I’m the breeder behind Ocean State Pomskies located in Exeter, RI. Our philosophy for our dogs focuses on preventative care and health screening, so every puppy has a long healthy, quality life. We are breeders who do everything we can to better the breed and ensure our dogs and puppies are able to get the very most out of life.


A little bit more about us.


Compassion and caring is what I know best, as I am known by my day job, an RN. Therefore, I face challenges every day. To come home to a compassionate, well-tempered, loving dog is what I look forward to every single day. It is my goal as a breeder to produce happy, healthy Pomsky puppies who can also be companions to other people and families.


How did we get into breeding?


Over the last few years of owning our Pomskies, we have grown a love and admiration for the breed. They are quick to train and easy to love! After years of educating ourselves about the breed, both through research and experience, we could not be happier to breed such a unique, beautiful dog!


What makes our breeding program special?


We strive to breed our Pomskies for quality. We offer an extended 2-year health and genetic guarantee. Our philosophy of quality for our dogs and puppies focuses on preventative veterinary care, as well as a loving, family-oriented, socialization program. All of our puppies are bred and raised within our family home. After all, a healthy Pomsky is a happy Pomsky!